ABOUT FrankThatGuy
Former Comedian Frank Thatguy Preston has found a new platform for speaking centered a around a new message, of wisdom and inspiration in quite a creative style. My books, comedy, and artistic flow is all from a place of inspiring others to laugh at ourselves, to reflect on our journey and to grow beyond our imagination.

Frank 'ThatGuy' Preston, is an artist with a powerful  voice. His journey as a comedian, author and motivator didn't come easily and has lead him to a place of giving back to the community by coaching kids, co-creating new sports, and sharing his growth through various platforms of film, in-person performances, art, and poetic writing. He challenges the minds of his readers to see life through a different scope. As a speaker he explains the difficulties of life as a minority in a world that doesn’t accept him, and how anyone who is mistreated for their differences can overcome them to grow to be great. Frank positions himself as many other artist, writers, and speakers of today, but stands apart in his ability to speak the truth with no bounds.
     Consider me to speak on the empowerment of young people.
  • Comedic Expression and Motivation
  • Youth Leadership and Turning thier passion to a business
  • Sports focused training Lacrosse, Football, Team Wave Surfing
  • Poetry Slam events
  • Stand up comedy
  • Marketing services: Creation of commercial unique content

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