Alert the Mind

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Frank Thatguy


  1. 18 Oct, 2017
    Blind to humanity
    “How can we turn a blind eye, Ignore the pleas of tearful cries, Human beings just Like us, Struggling through the day ready to give up, We easily forget that we could be next, Living life steps away from unforgiving debts, As we turn a blind eye to souls we deem lost, We become blind in the eye of God, Hearts turn cold in the land of frost, Love through the storm brings warmth to those distraught ” The Importance Unity How can we be so naive to the issue that stares us directly in the face.
  2. 22 Sep, 2017
    Foundations of an Empire
    “What good is an empire built on quick sand, A temple is no good when forged by the devils hand, We spend our time measuring value in a man, Love is boundless still we struggle to understand, Gold for a soul was never part of his plan." There is a fine line on the path we travel to find purpose. Many people think that there is little impact on a journey for wealth, amusement, drugs, friends, and broken relationships but the reality is that it does. Every person has a race to run and the finish